BitchwithacapitalB is a mid-twenties young woman, who has already lived multiple lives. For that reason she began writing posts on an app where people are free to write whatever they want in just small posts. Although she enjoyed writing on that app and enjoyed reading posts from other people and helping them where she could. She never felt it was completely the right space for her to post her stories.

This was partly because she felt that her stories deserved a place where they were not only written in articles but also shown visually. That’s why she one day decided to took a week off from work and rented an Airbnb somewhere and decided that in that week she would create a name for herself by creating a website. In April 2021 the name and website BitchwithacapitalB was brought into reality and the blog was born.

The name BitchwithacapitalB comes partly from that from the moment she got diagnosed with the Borderline personality disorder she felt that she needed to adapt herself even more to world around her. Her emotions were too strong and intense for other people and were often misunderstood. She managed with help from professionals to get them more under control, but she also thought she deserved a place where she could be who she felt like she wanted to be. Which is a caring, sweet, crazy, impulsive, fun and intense person.

Besides the blog there are other things that she is gets her energy from. She is a big animal lover, fan of travelling and food, a social worker but also that she just loves to try new things out and enjoy life to the fullest!

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